How Do I Connect My BrightTALK Channel(s) to Marketo?

BrightTALK has upgraded to a new, more advanced Marketo Connector to help simplify and automate your marketing tasks.


To get started, you'll need two things:

  1. BrightTALK Advanced Marketo Connector Quick Reference Guide
  2. BrightTALKTM Advanced Connector for Marketo User guide

Here's a simple checklist you can follow throughout your entire setup:

Install API

Build Or Clone Marketo Template 

"I created my own custom fields" (option 1)          

I have used BrightTALK's fields (option 2)


Can I still use Event Partner to connect new Programs?

   The Event Partner functionality is part of our legacy Marketo connector, which is no longer offered & supported by BrightTALK. If you are in the process of transitioning from the Basic Marketo Adaptor to our Advanced Marketo Connector, you can connect your previous programs with this Migration Guide

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at

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