BrightTALK Connector for Pardot - Getting Started

BrightTALK’s Advanced connector for Pardot allows you to:

  • Automatically pass new leads from BrightTALK to Pardot on an hourly basis
  • Send custom data points like webcast viewing metrics to Pardot for faster follow-up and conversion.


There are 3 easy steps required to set up the connection to Pardot:


Step 1: Authenticate BrightTALK with your Pardot

Step 2: Choose the fields to sync

Step 3: Choose the schedule for your data sync






STEP 1 - Authenticate BrightTALK with your Pardot instance


 In order for BrightTALK to create leads in your Pardot instance, we will need you to provide the following information from your Pardot instance:

  1. Pardot Username and Password
  2. Pardot API User Key
  3. Pardot API Version Number



Where can I find my Pardot Username and Password?

Your Pardot User Name and Password will be the same credentials you use to login to your Pardot instance.  Keep in mind though that if your Pardot user account gets changed or deleted, it will break the integration, so you may want to create a new Admin User specific to BrightTALK (i.e. "").



Where can I find my Pardot API User Key?

Your Pardot User Key can be found by going to the Settings area of your Pardot instance and clicking the tab for "My Profile":




Where can I find my Pardot API Version Number?

Your Pardot API Version Number is based on whether your Pardot Instance allows you to create multiple prospects with the same email address.  This value is almost always '4' and if you are at all unsure about what version you are on, we recommend defaulting to choosing that value.  


Under what circumstances would my API Version be something other than '4'?

If you are still using a legacy version of Pardot (created before June 14th, 2016), you may need to use Version 3 of the API.  To quickly determine whether or not this applies to you, go to the "Settings" area of your Pardot and on the "Account" tab look for a setting called "Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address."


If this setting is "Disabled" (as shown in the screenshot below), choose Version '3':






STEP 2 - Choose the fields to sync


To receive leads from BrightTALK, you will need to define the fields that should be mapped to corresponding fields in Pardot.  BrightTALK has pre-mapped the standard system fields that are recommended to be synced, including First Name, Last Name, Email, Job Title, etc.

Important: The BrightTALK connector requires you to map the following 3 custom BrightTALK fields:


Field Name


Field Type

BrightTALK User ID

Unique ID for each BrightTALK user


Activity Type Registration / Live / Recorded  Text 

Webcast ID

The unique 6-digit ID of a specific webcast. i.e. “123456”





STEP 3 - Choose the schedule for your data sync


Once your lead sync is activated, you will be able to choose the preferred cadence of your sync (hourly, daily, or weekly).

You’ll then be prompted to sync your data for the first time.  

BrightTALK recommends an hourly cadence for optimal performance and timely follow up on your best leads.  Additionally, if you plan to leverage custom reporting fields we suggest initially pushing all data from your channel.  



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