Why am I receiving a "No Playable Sources" error?

If you do not have Flash enabled in your browser, you may see a "No Playable Sources" error when viewing a live Pro webinar on Chrome or Firefox. This does not affect viewers that use Safari or viewers on mobile devices. Instructions for enabling Flash in Chrome and Firefox are below:

1) Enter "chrome://plugins/" in the URL bar in Chrome.
2) Scroll down to Adobe Flash Player and click the blue "Enable" link.
3) (Optional) Make sure "always allowed to run" is checked.
4) Restart Chrome.
1) Enter "about:addons" in the URL bar in Firefox.
2) Click "Plugins" on the left side.
3) Scroll down to "Shockwave Flash" and change the option on the right to "Always Activate" or "Ask to Activate"
4) Restart Firefox.
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