Top Tips for Optimizing Broadcast Audio

To optimise the quality of the audio streaming in your webinar, please follow these tips:

- Use a hardline/landline phone to dial in as this is the least likely to experience any drops in connection.

- Use a microphone headset via landline to optimise the clarity and consistency of the audio feed. 

- If possible, avoid using cell phones as their connections are not as reliable as landlines and are subject to the available network coverage.

- Avoid using speakerphone on your landline handset to broadcast. We recommend this strongly, as any movement by the presenter will vary the volume and clarity of the audio, making it more difficult for the audience to consume. 

- If an alternative option is available avoid using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services such as Skype, as they are reliant on your internet connection having sufficient bandwidth and stability.

- 15 minutes before you begin broadcasting, presenters may dial-in to perform a soundcheck by having a second presenter dial in before you go live. This will allow you to hear what the audience will hear. 


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