How do I add my (ISC)2 Member Number to my BrightTALK Profile?

You can enter your (ISC)2 member number into the channel survey that appears before you register for or watch your first webinar that is hosted by (ISC)2.

When filling out the registration form for a (ISC)2 webinar, you will eventually be prompted to fill in the following form. The red highlighted form is where you will enter your member ID. 


The above form can be accessed by registering for any webinar on the (ISC)2 Channel.

Important: Once you have entered your member ID, (ISC)2 transfers your registration information into their internal database, and BrightTALK will no longer be able to modify or add the number at a later point.

If you need to add, modify or verify your member number after you have watched a webinar on BrightTALK, please contact (ISC)2. You can contact (ISC)2 by calling +1.866.331.ISC2(4722) or emailing


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