How to interpret your Webcast Reports


Please view this video on How to pull your webcast reports.


Pre-Registrations: Number of people who registered for your webinar either through promotional emails, direct emails, or those who registered organically.

  •   The 'O' next to the name means the user registered organically.
  •   The 'P' means "paid" leads.


Viewings: Users will often watch the same on-demand recording (or part of a recording) multiple times, Therefore the number of viewings is different then the number of viewers(attendees).


Questions: Questions submitted from the audience via the "Ask a Question" text box on the viewing player.


Votes: A report of all responses from the audience to Polling questions prompted during the live event. 


Attachments: A report showing the number of audience downloads or clicks of any documents or links attached to your webinar.     



Feedback / Ratings: A report showing the ratings (out of 5 stars) and feedback by the audience on either the live event and/or on-demand recording.



Note: When Clicking the "Report" button in your webcast reports, you may also see on the very bottom of the page, Comma Separated Values (CSV) files that are available for download. These files can be opened as an excel spreadsheet that you can download for easy viewing of the information you see above. 



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