Hubspot Advanced Connector Best Practices

The following article details best practice guidelines for leveraging data from your BrightTALK webinars and videos to programs in Hubspot. These recommendations will vary from company to company and should be customized to your existing processes.  For getting your connector setup, please see this page.


Webinar List, Smartlist, & Campaign Membership:

This setup is design to add your webinar registrants and attendees to static lists and their overarching campaign.  Additionally we should how to pull all members after webinar using a smart list.

Needed Fields:

Field Name


Field Type

BTLK Activity Type

Registration / Live / Recorded


BTLK Webcast ID

Unique ID for each webinar. Can be found in Webinar URL



Below is an example contact workflow for the BrightTALK 2017 Benchmarks webinar.




This workflow will update the static lists for registrants or attendees when new webinar activity updates the BTLK fields.

Add to a Hubspot Campaign

By going to the Productivity→Campaigns section, you can then add your workflow to be a member of your Hubspot campaign.


Smartlists for Webinar Membership

Your webinar members can also easily be identified by pulling a smart list based on the information passed from BrightTALK. You can also pull this info based on Webinar title or other fields from our connector.  We recommend using the BTLK Webcast ID field, as it will remain the same, even should you update the name of your webinar.


Example Lead Source Tracking For Hubspot:

Below is an example workflow for identifying and tagging lead source for BrightTALK originated leads.  Any leads created with existing values from the BTLK fields have originated through BrightTALK.

Needed Fields:

Field Name


Field Type


Unique user ID on BrightTALK


BTLK Lead Type

Whether it is a “content,” “summit” or “keyword” lead




Using this same enrollment criteria, you can leverage the “BTLK Lead Type” field to distinguish between BrightTALK’s different lead products.  A customer who purchased Summit, Keyword, and Content leads may build out a flow like this:


Once again, our integration offers many data points that we encourage you to leverage for other activities like leads scoring and custom internal alerts.  The full list of all available fields can be found here.  For any questions about adding and updating fields in your integration please contact

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