BrightTALK Connector for Marketo - Getting Started

BrightTALK’s Advanced connector for Marketo allows you to:

  • Create new leads from your BrightTALK webinars
  • Pass new and existing leads to a Marketo program with the corresponding viewing status (Registered, Viewed Live, Viewed On-demand)
  • Pass data points from BrightTALK reports (ex. Channel Subscriber and Webcast Viewing Reports) as custom fields on leads.
  • Leverage reporting data for interesting moments and internal alerts

 There are 4 easy steps required to setup the connection to Marketo: 

Step 1: Authenticate BrightTALK with your Marketo instance

Step 2: Choose the fields to sync

Step 3: Choose the schedule for your data sync

Step 4: Connect to your Marketo Programs



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