BrightTALK Connector for Marketo - Choose the Fields to Sync

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To receive leads from BrightTALK, you will need to define the fields that should be mapped to corresponding fields in Marketo.  BrightTALK has pre-mapped the standard system fields that are recommended to be synced, including First Name, Last Name, Email, Job Title, etc.


Important: The BrightTALK connector requires you map the following 4 BrightTALK fields


Field Name


Field Type

Subscribers - BrightTALK User ID

Unique ID for each BrightTALK user


Subscribers - Email Address

Email address of BrightTALK user


Webcast Activity - Activity Type

Registration / Live / Recorded


Webcast Activity - Webcast Campaign Reference

This field stores the value of your event’s Marketo program



There are 50 additional fields available to be included in your sync. For all available BrightTALK fields, see here.

*Remember* Make sure to map your fields to corresponding fields in Marketo of the appropriate data type.

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