Can I download a copy of the webinar or the slides?

BrightTALK provides the technology platform that our clients use to deliver audio and video presentations. The content of those presentations belongs solely to them. Therefore, we can not distribute their materials such as slides or audio recordings without direct authorization from the channel owners. 

Many presenters use the "Attachments" tab to make downloads available. If the "Attachments" tab does not have what you're looking for, then use the Questions tab to ask the presenter for the slides if the event is still live. If it is not, you'll have to contact the presenter or channel owner directly to request a copy of the slides/audio. Otherwise, you will have to view the recorded presentation on-demand through our site.

BrightTALK Channel Owners may submit a ticket to BrightTALK Support requesting the MP4 file for their events. 


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