I'm a network administrator. How do I allow BrightTALK content on my network?

BrightTALK uses one of the world's largest Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to deliver live and recorded content. This means that traffic will appear to originate from edge servers across hundreds of IP ranges. The specific server is chosen at the time of connection based on factors such as network latency and geographic location detection. Therefore, we can't provide a list of IP addresses, as that is proprietary information belonging to the CDN service provider.

However, our service does utilize HTTP and HTTPS tunneling (ports 80 and 443) as a fallback option, so you shouldn't have to open any ports beyond the usual web browsing ports. Instead, the issue is usually found at your content filtering proxy servers. You need to make sure that your network security policy allows MP3 audio and MP4 video downloads, for *.brighttalk.com, bt_hdcdn_prod-lh.akamaihd.net/* , and cp70385.edgefcs.net. If you whitelist these addresses at the web filter, proxy, and firewall levels, our service should work.

If you have any questions, email support@brighttalk.com.


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