How do I capture a HAR file for troubleshooting?

When troubleshooting complex issues with the BrightTALK website, sometimes we may need to request additional information from you in order to troubleshoot the problem.  For example, if a webcast won't play, or it displays a strange error message, the problem could be caused by many different things.  To narrow down the cause of the issue, we need data from both sides of the connection- yours and ours.

Since we naturally have access to our side of the connection, we may ask you to capture a log of your side of the connection and send it to us.  This is referred to as a HAR (Http ARchive) file.

In particular, the Google Chrome browser has an excellent HAR capture tool built right in.  To capture a HAR file:

1.  Open Google Chrome.  If you don't have Chrome but can install software on your computer, visit to get it.

2.  In Chrome, go to the page where you were having trouble.

3.  Right-click on that page and select "Inspect Element".  This will open the Developer Tools panel.



4.  In the Developer Tools panel at the bottom, select the Network tab.


5.  At the bottom, the Record button appears as a solid black circle.  Select it and it will turn red to indicate recording has begun.


6.  Go back to the page that was giving you trouble, and use the site as you normally would.

7.  When you encounter the problem you experienced before, right-click anywhere in the Network area and select "Save as HAR with Content".


8.  Send us the HAR file so that we can see what happened at your end.


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