Presenter & Audience Views during a live Webinar

In the images below and document attached, you can see the presenter's view vs. the audience's view during a live BrightTALK Pro webinar.




Top presenter questions:  
Question 1: Can the audience see my slides before we go live?  
Answer: Prior to going live, the audience does not see your slides. Once you are live, they can see your slides and any advancements in real time. 
Question 2: Can the audience ask questions and give feedback during the webinar? 
Answer: Yes, the audience can type questions/leave feedback but only the presenter can see the questions and feedback provided. 
Question 3: During the live audience voting, does the audience see the results? 
Answer: Once an audience member has voted, they can immediately see the results of the poll on a percentage basis in real time. While the presenter can see the quantity of votes submitted, the audience cannot.


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