How do I add questions for the audience to vote on during the webinar?

- For Pro Webinars: 

You can add vote/s to a Pro Webinar at anytime up to 5 mins to live. And it can be edited at anytime up to being run. Votes are added directly from the BrightTALK Presenter screen. Open the 'Votes form audience' tab and click 'Add poll for live audience voting'.

Note: Don't forget to enable the votes once you want to send out the votes to the audience. 

More details on creating/editing/starting votes can be found in the attached file "Votes - Pro Webinar User Guide_v2". 
For a video demonstration: 
- Completed voting results can be seen (both for Presenter and Audience) during the remainder of the live event, and in the on-demand version. Vote data is also available in the webinar reports.
- Votes in Pro Webinar are only supported through the new BrightTALK HTML5 Player and HTML5 embeds. Votes will not function through Flash Player or Flash embeds.


- For Standard Webinars:

You can add a vote/s to a Standard Webinar anytime before the 15-minute cut off leading up to a webinar. Open the presenter screen and click on the ‘Votes’ tab. Each vote requires a question and a number of possible answers to vote on.


For a video demonstration on creating votes (section begins at 1m 18scs):

Note: Votes will be displayed on the presenter screen starting with the most recent vote that was added, and ending with the first vote that was added. Votes can be displayed to the audience in any order, as each is individually controlled.

Also don't forget to enable the votes once you want to send them out to the audience. 


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