How do I set-up a screen share on Pro Webinar?

In order to share your screen you will need to install or already have the free application If you do not have please go to, then click on “get started” to install a free version of

Once you have signed up for, launch the application on your desktop. Then select “one-time” code. Click the “play” icon and select the screen you would like to share.

Copy the one-time code from your screen share. Then, from the BrightTALK presenter screen, select the screen share tab, and click on "Add screen share" to add your one-time code, and add your name. Then simply click "Add". Once the loading is complete you are now sharing your screen through BrightTALK.

During the live webinar, to show your slides click on the “slides” tab, and to share your screen click on the “screen share” tab.

Screen sharing is best used to demo products, review web pages or walk through documents and spreadsheets. Using screen sharing to play videos is not recommended as the videos will be choppy and their resolution will degrade significantly.


Attached please find our step by step guide on how to set-up the screen share.

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