How do I set a webcast to automatically publish or unpublish in the future?

When modifying a webcast, you have the ability to set a future time when the webcast will become published (available to viewers) or unpublished (unavailable to viewers).

For example, if the webcast will go live on 5 August, but contains information that will expire in six months, you can set it to automatically unpublish on 5 February.

Or, if the content is embargoed until a specific date, you can set it to be unpublished now but automatically switch to published later.

Here's how to do it:

On the booking form, select whether the content should be published or unpublished right now.  Published webinars are available to the audience, unpublished webinars are not.


If you would like the webinar to be published now, but unpublished later, set it to "Publish".

If you would like the webinar to be unpublished now, but published later, set it to "Unpublish".

Then, click "Proceed".


When the page reloads, you'll find the automatic publish/unpublish settings underneath the current status.


Set the date and time when you want the status to change from published to unpublished or vice versa, then click "Proceed".


The date and time you enter will be saved, and the webinar will become published or unpublished at the time you specified.  You can cancel a timed publish/unpublish request by using the 'Remove' option located to the right of the 'Time' field.

If you experience any difficulty or have any questions about this process, raise a support ticket from the channel management panel or email


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