How do I edit my slides & audio (standard) webinar?

A few minutes after the conclusion of your live webinar, a recorded version is made available on your channel. It is possible to trim the start and end of a standard audio webinar, and to modify the slide timings. Here's how:
First, go to the channel management area and click the Manage button next to the webinar you want to edit:
The prepare and present screen will appear. You'll need to close the statistics pop-up panel by clicking "Close":
Now you can adjust the start and end points, which will trim the audio from the beginning and end of the recording.  To do this, click on either "START" or "END" at the near the bottom of the player, then drag it to the desired location. Alternatively, you can type in the time instead of dragging:
If you want to change slide timings, hover over the timeline until the slide you want is displayed, then click and drag the slide to the desired point:
Once you've adjusted the timings, don't forget to click "Save" at the upper right:
Note: if you would like to replace your slide deck, or perform more complex audio edits - you'll need to raise a Support ticket from within your channel. For Pro Webinar, there is no built-in feature to edit slides once an event is recorded. However, BrightTALK does offering video editing services. Please contact either your Customer Success Manager or for more information.

BrightTALK can also replace a video file of a recorded event. Please contact for more information. 
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