What if I invite an attendee to my webinar and they do not want to agree to the BrightTALK user agreement and privacy policy?

If you are utilizing the BrightTALK registration form, which most channel clients do, the BrightTALK user agreement and privacy policy are mandatory fields that must be ticked before an attendee can view any content on BrightTALK. This is to protect both BrightTALK and you, as a channel owner, from being accused of violating email spam legislation. If someone does not want to agree to these terms, they will not be able to view any webcasts on BrightTALK. 

If you do not want to utilize the BrightTALK registration form there are two options: You can remove the registration option on a webinar by webinar basis, however, you will not receive comprehensive viewer data in the webcast reports. Alternatively, you can explore our integration options, which allow you to leverage your own user registration and login platform. For more information, please visit developer.brighttalk.com


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