Can I offer content without a registration form in front of it?

Yes, you can do this in two ways. You can remove the registration form from your entire channel, which will allow any attendee to access your upcoming, live or on-demand webinars, without providing any personal information. You can also remove registration from individual webinars or videos, but keep other events gated.

If you decide not to gate your content, you will not be able to see who registered or whether that registrant actually attended the webinar live or recorded. You will have access to anonymous data where you can see the viewing time, total registrants and total viewers. You can also see the questions, votes and feedback that was submitted by attendees but you won't know who left that information.

To configure an individual webinar to bypass registration:

1. You will need to 'Edit Booking' for your chosen webinar.

2. Scroll down to 'Publishing' and select 'Viewer access' to toggle between registration options.


If you cannot see the above option then you will need to request this functionality by raising a Support ticket from within the 'Support' tab in your channel.



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