Can I add additional registration questions to ask my webinar viewers?

Yes. Channel owners can use the survey feature to add additional questions for your audience to answer. Survey questions can be added at the channel level (where the audience is prompted to answer the questions when they subscribe to your channel) and the content (webinar) level (where your audience is prompted to answer the questions before they attend a specific webcast). The collected survey data will be included in the correlating reports.


You can set your Channel survey within 'Settings' and 'Channel survey':



Important:  Channel Survey Enablement is a two step process. After activating it in the channel survey settings, you must enable it manually for each webinar. This can be done in the webinar's edit booking section. 


To create an individual webinar survey - 'Manage' the webinar and navigate to 'Content survey'.





Responses to survey will appear in your report CSVs.


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