How do I embed my channel in my website? What are the implications?

Embedding your channel prominently on your webpage is a powerful way to attract viewers. The process of embedding is simple: in the 'Promotion' tab, choose the type of embed you want and generate the code. Then, copy that block of code to your web developer, so that he or she can include it in a page on your website. Through the self-service tool, you are able to generate embed code that relies on HTML5 and Javascript.

Once embedded in your site, changes to your content--such as newly scheduled webinars--will automatically be reflected on your web page without further action needed from your web developers.

In addition, once you have the channel list embedded in your website, please raise a Support ticket to give us the URL. Once we have it, we can configure your channel so that all links to your channel go to your website instead of

To generate your embed, click the "Promotion" tab in your channel:



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