What are some key tips to running a successful channel?

There are dozens of ways to run a successful channel - and you can bring your own style and approach. Visit the BrightTALK Academy to learn more about creating content, live presenting suggestions, how to bring an audience and more. Here are a few tips: 

  • Take the time to promote. Attracting the right people to your channel is essential. Embed your channel prominently on your website. Be sure that you keep the email service switched on. Promote new upcoming webinars in your own marketing activities. 
  • Maintain a healthy calendar of upcoming webinars. It’s good to have a schedule of upcoming webinars in your channel. If you have several listed, you have a better chance of a visitor finding something interesting and you will have an active channel worth subscribing to. 
  • Schedule webinars on a regular basis. Regular webinars makes it easier for your audience to get into the habit of participating in your webinars - monthly, or even quarterly. Try to stick with the same time slot and book well in advance so you do not have any problems securing your preferred times. 
  • Avoid cancelling webinars. Cancelling dissuades viewers from coming to future webinars. Even if you don’t think your audience will be very large, run the webinar anyway because you will generate a valuable recording for the archive. Cancelling a webinar will negatively affect your channel rating - a key factor when subscribers are deciding whether to visit a new channel. 
  • Add topic tags to webinars. When you schedule a new webinar, fill out the ‘Tags’ field by adding specific and relevant keywords about the webinar. Specific keywords make your webinar easier to find within BrightTALK or on popular search engines. 
  • Describe your channel: What kinds of topics do you discuss? What is your particular approach? Who runs the channel? Who should attend your webinars? What industries do they cover? How often will you be running webinars? All these questions should be answered in the channel description so prospective subscribers can make informed decisions about attending your webinars.


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