Where can I get HTML5 Embeds?

Recently, as part of our ongoing efforts to move our platform away from Flash, we have started to retire HTML-only Flash embedding of BrightTALK webinars. 

  • Generate a JavaScript embed through the self-service tool.  JavaScript embeds are the preferred choice for BrightTALK content, because it allows us to dynamically rewrite the code on your page to ensure that it is up-to-date with the latest features for your audience.  For example, JavaScript embeds allow us to present a mobile-device-friendly player (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) when we detect that a viewer is using a mobile device.  Under the old HTML embed, mobile viewers would either see nothing at all, or worse, they might have seen a broken player.  In addition, when we finally retire Flash in favor of HTML5, JavaScript will be necessary in order for your viewers to do things like participate in polls, ask questions, or leave feedback.

If you're looking for iFrame embeds, these are still available in our legacy embeds section (scroll to the bottom). Note: This code is not be mobile responsive and may not include key areas of functionality such as embed url reporting, deep-linking & auto-resizing.

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