Where's My Audience Coming From? Using UTM Tracking Links with BrightTALK

You can track where your audience came from by using UTM tracking. Let's take a look at how this works:


What is UTM tracking?

UTM parameters are snippets of text added to the end of your webinar URL which enable you to track the source of individual registrations/viewings. These parameters are passed through to your webinar's reports. Our platform automatically generates UTM parameters for SourceMediumCampaign which can be passed onto your preferred Marketing Automation System. 

UTM Tracking looks something like this: 


Resulting entry in your webinar reports

You will then be able to see where you audience came from in the 'Embedded URL' column of your report's CSV file, as seen below:


How to create UTM tracking links

If you'd like to create your own UTM tracking link, we strongly recommend you build it with the following web tool provided by Google. This will create a tracking link whose formatting and syntax is compliant with UTM standards:


Please complete the requested fields (pictured below with help text) and hit 'Submit' to display your newly created, fully compatible UTM link.



How can I pass this information onto my connector?

You'll need to create custom fields for each parameter you would like to pass onto your connector. We recommend these fields be created in order to pass information successfully (full list of fields attached):

UTM Source

UTM Term

UTM Medium

UTM Content

UTM Campaign

If you would like to forego this web tool then please check that the UTM link you have created is passing your desired parameters through to your webinar reports. You can check this functionality by clicking your UTM link as though you are an audience member and subsequently registering or viewing the webinar, in order to create an entry in your webinar reports.


Please note: UTM tracking can be applied to deep linked webinars ( https://support.brighttalk.com/entries/21936810-What-is-deep-linking-and-how-do-I-use-it-) as well as embedded content. Just remember to use the Google form to ensure you are creating a compatible UTM link.


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