Can I brand the BrightTALK email service notifications?

BrightTALK offers channel owners the ability to customize their HTML and plain text email templates including adding headers, footers, logos, links, and any company text information. There are also easy to use "tags" to dynamically add your registrants name, company, email address, and more as well as social media links and an "Add to calendar" link.


1. To brand your email notifications, please log onto your channel and click Manage


2. Now click on the Promotion tab.  



3. Once you have clicked on the Promotions tab, on the top left hand side there will be four options; please select the BrightTALK email service. 



4.  Many channel owners choose to use the default BrightTALK email templates. However, you have the option of branding emails according to your needs. You can utilise a combination of default and customised emails.


5. Here you have the option of turning the email notifications on and off.

If you click on any of the Edit buttons as shown on the above screenshotyou will be displayed the option seen below, allowing you to enable or disable each email notification.




6.  Once you have clicked on the desired email notification, you have the option of previewing BrightTALK's default template or you can create a customised email template.  



7. To preview BrightTALKs' default system email template notification then click on Preview & Send Test, this will display details of what will be sent. Now you can populate the “Enter recipient email” then click on Send test




8. To create a custom email notification, click on the “Create a custom template”.




9. This will then display the screen below, where you can edit the email that is being sent out.

On the right-hand side you will find a list of tags for personalising your email notifications. There are many available and each list of tags may differ according to the type of email notification being edited.   



10. The screenshot below shows an example of tags being incorporated into an email.



11. If you would like to preview your custom email then click on the “Save and Preview” as above, or to skip the preview, hit 'Save'.


12. You can choose to send a preview email to yourself, or a desired recipient by completing the 'Enter recipient email' field and then pressing 'Send test'.




That's it! You're done. You have now customised your first BrightTALK email template.


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