What are the recommended slide & thumbnail dimensions in Pro Webinar?

When you upload a slide deck to a Pro webinar, our platform will automatically use the first slide in the deck as the feature image for the webinar. These slides can be any size, although we highly recommend using a 16:9 format. Because Pro webinars stream in HD, high-resolution 16:9 slides will show up best on our platform.

When setting up a Pro webinar, you have the ability to add your own feature image to the webinar through the "Edit booking" tab, and to add slides on the presenter screen.

If you'd like to add a feature image through the edit booking tab, that image must be 640 x 360 pixels. However, we recommend that any text on the slide be concentrated toward the center, as the feature image will be cropped into a 4:3 format when it is displayed as a thumbnail image next to a webinar.

Note: Please note that an easier solution is available for those not savvy to pixel editing. Simply upload a powerpoint slide on the presenting screen and the first slide of the powerpoint will automatically display as the cover view for your webinar.



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