Webinar Tags Update & Best Practices

Thousands of business professionals come to BrightTALK searching for relevant content to learn and grown within their industry. A great way to grow your organic audience and optimize your content on BrightTALK is by adding relevant tags to your webinars.

What’s new? 
1. You can now add up to 10 total tags (regardless of the number of characters) 
2. Once you start typing in a tag, a drop down will appear with the most popular tags to choose from 
3. These are the top 2,000 tags in our system, but you can still use others that aren’t in the list 
4. You no longer need to put “” around keyword phrases


Tips and best practices for tag optimization

1. Be specific with your keywords to target more appropriate audience, e.g. “Cloud” vs. “Cloud Storage”

2. The Goldilocks Effect 
- Not too broad, not too specific, but somewhere right in the middle 
- No more than 2-word phrases is a good rule of thumb, otherwise it becomes too limiting

3. Choose a variety of keywords that are relevant to the topic and to your audience 
- Think beyond what’s already in the title and abstract to reach more organic audience 
- For example, if you have a webinar about WannaCry you might include WannaCry as a keyword, but also cyber security, data breach, threat intelligence, etc."


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