BrightTALK for HubSpot Integration FAQ

Connector Setup:


I have an existing HubSpot integration with my BrightTALK channel. Will it continue to work or do I need to change anything on the Connectors tab?

If you have an existing integration with BrightTALK, please complete step 1, “Authenticate BrightTALK with your HubSpot instance” and then contact either your Customer Success Manager or  They will assist with migrating your existing HubSpot integration over to the Connectors tab.    


Why are some of the properties required to be mapped and how do I create a custom property in Hubspot?

There are 4 mandatory BrightTALK properties required to be mapped in order to activate the connector:

Subscribers - Email

Subscribers - BrightTALK User ID

Webcast Activity - Activity Type

Webcast Activity- Booking Ref

For information on how to create a corresponding custom property in Hubspot, see here.


Do I need to create all of the Hubspot properties recommended in the spreadsheet?

No, only the mandatory properties are required. Other properties can be mapped based on your individual tracking preferences. See here


I get an error “Data type doesn’t match” - what does it mean and how can I fix it?

When you get the error “Data type doesn’t match”, it means that the data type on your Hubspot property doesn’t match to the BrightTALK property you’ve mapped it to. Matching data types are required to ensure that the data flows properly between BrightTALK and Hubspot. See the full list of available BrightTALK properties here.


When I’m saving my property mappings I’m being asked, whether I need to clone my mappings to other channels - I don’t know what that means

We ask whether you need to clone your mappings to other channels if we've detected multiple channels associated to your user account. This functionality will allow you to clone newly created mappings to your other channels without having to make those on each channel individually. Note: Changes on “Sync Settings” cannot be cloned to other channels and need to be created individually.


Connector Management:

What do you mean by "Scheduled Job"?

Each data sync from BrightTALK to Hubspot is classified as a “Job”. We recommend to set these jobs up to run every 1 hour. This can be managed under “Sync Settings”.


Will my existing data get overwritten with each scheduled job?

The connector will overwrite contact properties as new data is synced. You can still reference the history of the former values in your smart lists and workflows. Here are some examples of how to leverage this data.


What is a “One-time sync” and what do I use it for?

You can create a one-time sync to test the integration or to retroactively sync your Channel data at any time. An activated connector is not required to create a one time sync.


What contact source do the contacts get attributed when the contacts are passed through the connector?

Contacts that are passed through the connector come in with the contact source being blank by default, but net new contacts can easily be identified and tagged using our recommended setup.


I have mapped over new fields after the integration has been running.  Will these values retroactively populate for existing subscribers?

No, the integration pushes new subscriber and activity data every hour.  When you add new properties after the integration is already set up, it will only populate those data points moving forward.  If you want this data on your existing subscribers you can always run a historical data push to populate those properties for all subscribers.


If I want to sync historical data, will it create any duplicates?

No, a historical sync won’t create duplicates in your data. But if there are already existing duplicates in your Hubspot instance, the connector will not be able to update them. Please contact Hubspot support for more details about removing them.


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