How do I replay my content on BrightTALK?

Whether you want to get more out of your existing content or create live events across different time zones BrightTALK makes it easy for you to replay content out to your professional audience.

A replay can only be scheduled from a recorded pro webinar or video upload. Our replay feature is an automated playout and as such any questions asked by your audience should be responded to via email. We also advise not to replay content that contains votes as these will not be supported in your replay. To schedule a replay with live Q&A or votes please contact our Webinar Services team.

The replay functionality is available for two content types on BrightTALK, Pro Webinar and Video upload. To replay either of these two content types click manage on the recorded piece of content you would like to replay.


You will then be taken to the “Prepare and preview” page for a video upload or the “Prepare and present” page for a Pro Webinar. In the top right of the page, you will see a “Schedule replay” button. Click this button to begin scheduling your replay.


When scheduling your replay, details such as the Title, Description, Presenter, Duration, Timezone and Tags will all be filled in with the details of the original Pro Webinar or Video upload that you are replaying. You are always able to change any of these details when or if you need to. If the original Pro Webinar or Video upload you are replaying has a survey or attachments then these assets will be copied to your replay when it is created.


Once you’re happy with the details of your replay and are ready to schedule it then click proceed at the bottom right of the page.

You will then be taken to the “Prepare and promote” page for your upcoming replay confirming the details of when it is scheduled for. You are able to add or remove a survey and attachments at any time and can also see the details of any registrants and viewer by visiting the webcast reports.


How do I join my replay?

Your replay will be automatically played out to your audience at the scheduled start date.

How do I cancel my replay?

To cancel your replay please visit the edit booking page and click the cancel booking button.


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