HubSpot: How do I add webinar leads to a Salesforce Campaign?

If you are using HubSpot's integration with Salesforce in conjunction with the BrightTALK Connector for HubSpot, you can use a Workflow to add leads to a Salesforce Campaign with the correct status. 


Below is a template that utilizes the custom fields "Activity Type" and "Webcast ID" to add leads to Salesforce Campaign called "BT- Benchmarks Report 2018."  (Note: This Workflow should be setup either before or right after you create your webinar):







Please note two key points:

  • We use "Webcast ID" instead of "Webcast Title" because the the ID can never change.  If you use Title and you later decide to change that title, you will need to update your Workflow.  For information on how to find your Webcast ID, please see this article


  • The second screenshot notes the "Re-enrollment" criteria which is critical for making this Workflow operate correctly.  To set the re-enrollment criteria, click on the "Enrollment Criteria" box in your Workflow, then select "Change re-enrollment options" on the right-hand side.




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