Salesforce Connector: How to add leads to a Salesforce Campaign

If you are using the BrightTALK for Salesforce Connector, the easiest way to track, follow-up, and manage leads from webinars is to use Salesforce Campaigns.  BrightTALK webinars sync to Salesforce Campaigns 1:1- meaning ideally every BrightTALK webinar should have a corresponding Campaign in Salesforce. 


To connect a webinar to a Salesforce Campaign, first grab the ID of the Salesforce Campaign you want to connect to (i.e "701D00000018syC")


Then, while either creating or editing a BrightTALK webinar, add that value to the "Campaign Reference" field:




And that's it!  Leads who register or attend your webinar from now on will be automatically synced to your Salesforce Campaign.  If you need to sync leads from before you setup the connection, please see this article on how to run a historical sync.


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