What is the timezone displayed on a webinar?

Viewers will see different times displayed, depending on their location, profile settings, VPN usage and other factors. 

If the viewer doesn't have a user account, or they have one, but they're not logged in, the time displayed will be the one of their geolocation.
If they are logged into their account, they'll see the timezone they've registered on their profile.

Possible scenarios:

1. I've changed the time zone on my user account to US, Los Angeles.


To amend your time zone, edit your profile.

Being logged into my account, the webinar shows me the timezone saved on my account:
(The location shows when you hover over the clock.)
​ ​​​​

2. I've logged out of my BrightTALK account, so the timezone displayed will be set by the geo IP (my physical location):

​ ​​​​​​​

3. The webinar's actual time, date and location are:

​ ​​​​​

4. There is also the issue of VPNs.
Saying, I'm not logged into my account and my location is Moscow. My network connection runs through a VPN in Paris. 
The starting time of the webinar (for me, on my screen) will be Paris and not the one of my location, Moscow, or the location of the webinar, New York in this case.

The geolocator is attempting to locate the viewer and is setting the timezone based on their perceived location. 
Due to a variety of possible reasons, like VPNs or the user's computer having the time defaulted to a different timezone, the location shown is not always accurate.
Unfortunately, there is nothing BrightTALK can do in regard to this as we have no control over a user's computer configurations. 

Hover over the green clock to see the location for the time displayed.

You can always watch the webinar on demand if you cannot attend the live session.

5. And the calendars... 
 - Google, Outlook etc. 


The time zone file which BrightTALK provides to the apps (Google, iCloud, Outlook) will state the time in UTC. 
Any time zone conversion is done on the app side. 
If the calendar doesn't convert the UTC time to display it correctly in regards to the local time, please contact your IT department as they can check into your local configurations.

All this cannot be amended. It is the way the platform is designed to work, but a better understanding of the functionality will help explaining what is actual happening.



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