How BrightTALK promotes your content - Organic vs Paid Activity

Below are the ways in which BrightTALK promotes to our audience and how this works with paid and organic programs. Our tactics go across all of the below areas with the Paid tactics being targeted directly to people within the filters you have bought for your campaign

Direct email promotions - Paid only 

Targeted emails of your content to in-filter users viewing relevant content

Weekly update & recommendation emails - Paid and Organic

Weekly digest of recently published, now available on-demand and live content, based on a user’s interests and viewing behavior

Native ad placements - Paid gets you the top billing space, but people can still find you organically here as well if they are searching for and watching relevant content.

Promotion of your content in personalized feeds to the right-hand side of every webinar or video and within each user’s “My BrightTALK” feeds

Search & Topic Pages - Organic

By tagging your content with relevant keywords this will allow the AI that runs the recommendation engine to help distribute your content to people that are viewing similar topics.


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