How do I re-run a Pro Webinar on BrightTALK?

Re-run allows channel owners and managers on BrightTALK to re-run a recorded or cancelled Pro Webinar in the event where the original attempt experiences problems. Re-running a Pro Webinar will convert the webinar from a recorded or cancelled status back into an upcoming event again. When a Pro-Webinar is scheduled to be re-run, all of the registered attendees are emailed with a confirmation email letting them know the time and date that the re-run has been scheduled for.

Re-run adds another layer of support and reassurance to the BrightTALK platform, ensuring that in the unlikely event of any issues you are able to quickly host another event.


Assets and reporting with re-run Pro Webinars

Please be aware that by clicking to re-run a Pro Webinar you are not creating a new webinar but are rescheduling the same one that has been previously attempted. By re-running a webinar you will remove any previous live recordings. Other assets, such as attachments, slides, surveys and votes will still be there for you when hosting your re-run and the url linking to your event will remain the same.

After creating a re-run of your Pro Webinar the reporting of pre-registrations, viewings and questions from the original attempt will also be kept for your re-run. The presenter screen, however, will be reset and will look and feel as if the event has never happened.


Time restrictions re-running an event

Once selecting to re-run an event you'll then be asked to schedule the webinar again. You will only be able to schedule the webinar to start in >45 minutes time. This is due to how we manage capacity restraints on BrightTALK.

(The option to re-run an event will only be available to channel owners/manager for a limited time of 10 days. BrightTALK admins will always have the ability to re-run an event.)


Re-running a Pro Webinar

  1. Select the cancelled or recorded Pro Webinar that you would like to re-run from the content listing within your channel. Please be aware that the option to re-run a cancelled or recorded webinar will only be available for 10 days past the cancellation or recording date.


  2. Click the “Edit booking” on the sidebar at the left of your screen and then click “Edit settings” at the bottom right of the screen. Once on the Pro Webinar booking form, scroll down to the re-run section at the bottom of the screen.


  3. Within the re-run section at the bottom of the booking form you will see the date until which you will be able to re-run your Pro Webinar. After clicking the “re-run” button you will then see the following.


  4. After clicking proceed you will then be taken to the booking form where you can add the details and choose the time and date for your re-run.


  5. After you’re happy with the details, time and date of your re-run then click proceed to schedule your re-run. You will be shown one final warning asking for confirmation. Again, please be aware that by continuing to re-run the Pro Webinar any existing recordings will be overwritten and that the presenter screen will be reset.


  6. After clicking to re-run the Pro Webinar you will then be taken to the prepare and present page. The Pro Webinar has now transitioned into an upcoming event and you are ready to prepare and go live just like a normal event.



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