How do I sync audience questions through my Connector?

Live and live-Replay webinar attendees can ask written questions and starting on March 14th 2019, this data is available via our Marketo, HubSpot and Pardot connectors.  Here is a quick FAQ on how this works:  


How do I sync audience questions?

Can I sync audience questions retroactively (i.e from past webinars)?

What if an audience member asks multiple questions?




How do I sync audience questions?


You'll need to map these new fields in your Connector:


Field Name Field Type Description
Questions - Text String The question the audience member asked
Questions - Answered? String True/False value- "True" if the live presenter marked the question as "answered."  False if they did not.





Can I sync questions data retroactively?

Yes- you'll need to run a one-time sync.  From your Connector, under "Fields to Sync" click the link for "Create a one-time sync."  Select the how far back you want to sync data from and then under "Advanced Settings" check the box for "Webcast Activity."








What if an audience member asks multiple questions?

If an audience member asks multiple questions, the data will be sent sequentially (most recent question first), with the values overwriting with each new update.  While HubSpot will automatically maintain a history of these field updates, you'll need to configure Marketo and Pardot slightly differently:



If you are using Marketo, we recommend setting up an "Interesting Moment" to capture each question asked:







When creating the new fields ("Questions - Text" and "Questions - Answered"), check the box "Record and display multiple responses."  This will maintain a history of every new question asked:








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